Menu Design 

Front & Back Menu Design + "Order Cards" 


I love designing with a concept in mind, so being able to create and flesh out Grace Street was a blast. Open from 9P.M. to 4A.M., this late night dessert and cocktail bar would be the clubbing alternative for eclectic New Yorkers. Located on Korea Way and featuring traditional Korean desserts, much like the ones at the cafe that inspired this concept, I added in some unique Korean cocktails and got to work on a design I felt conveyed the creative vibe. 

Using collage art, I combined what felt like hundreds of images, pulling from thrift finds, some of my old photography, and that trip to space I took. I wanted something colorful, 'trippy' and psychedelic, with thought provoking imagery. I also wanted the bar to be filled with the unconventional, so I decided to make drink cards that could be propped up on the patron's table when ready to order, but taken home at the end of the night (or morning) for longer-lasting inspiration.