TSG Team, 


When I wrote my first many cover letters, I was restricted to a harsh template: talk about your experience, summarize concisely, keep it generic and general with key information. But I’ve realized that I only wish to work for a company that inspires me to scrap that piece of regurgitated bull and kind of speak from the heart if you will, which is exactly what one minute on your website did. To preface this letter, I do want to let you all know that due to my experience, academic accomplishments and passion, I believe I would be an exemplary asset to your team. I have thoroughly explored this industry, finding myself in a wide array of internships where I was able to learn new skills, challenge myself and open my mind to just how many new doors can be opened with graphic design. 

I’m going to be honest, I am fairly certain that me being a new graduate doesn’t put me at the top of your list. But I want to emphasize just how much being a college student did not hinder my relentless pursuit of opportunities and growth. At an internship with freelance designer, Clay Puddle, I was able to work one-on-one with a seasoned professional - someone who wasn’t afraid to straight up tell me when my work just wasn’t cutting it. At a display internship with Anthropologie, I realized that you have to be willing to grow in areas you aren’t quite comfortable in, figuring out unconventional solutions and realizing just how crucial it is to be hands on with art. At a production internship with the magazine, BookPage, I learned how to adapt my own style so that I could fit the needs of very specific clients, becoming well-versed in digital and print advertising. Lastly, under the direction of an Editorial Freelancer, I got a taste of design within the social media world, which let’s face it, has become necessary to successfully promoting anything. I exceeded my University’s internship requirement, doing so just to get a taste of what was out there. 

But beyond my internships, I couldn’t stifle my love of innovation that has followed me around my whole life. In 2011, I accomplished what is no doubt my proudest feat: I founded and served as the Editor in Chief and Design Director of the literary magazine, One Blue Wall, which won multiple national awards under my direction. For the first edition, I designed all 42 pages and curated a book filled with short fiction, poetry and art, perusing my school for hidden talent and practically begging people to be a part of this thing my teachers granted me permission to do. By the second year, we had a staff of 20 which I led, this simple desire morphing into something so much bigger than myself. This experience led me to open my own freelance business in 2013, which I have been riding on ever since. I have serviced countless clients from bands to authors to bloggers, learning communication and organization skills while I was able to apply my design and photography (as well as my addiction to photoshop) in a truly exhilarating way. I’ve loved it. But I want to be challenged more. 

I am aching for a new experience - a new city, a new pool of people to be inspired by and individuals profoundly better than me to whip me into shape. I feel stagnant, and I have spent weeks seeking out opportunities, painfully eager to learn more and offer my current skill-set to an organization that I’m confident will be a good fit. Like I said before, TSG appealed to me within a minute. You work is beautiful, but it was the in-my-face personality that made me toss out my previous cover letters because I was like, “Damn. This is it.” It’s clear your team works together in an exciting, inspiring but more importantly real way. Hopefully from this long-winded letter, my website and my recommendation, you see a little something in me too. I would be in New York yesterday. I hope to hear back!



Sadie Birchfield