This is my most important project to date. It is much more than just a simple design, but an entire business idea I formulated when assigned an advocacy project in class. My heart is called to mental health awareness and as a college student it was plain to see how much more could be done for this cause on campuses nation-wide. I realized how often it was students went months, even years, without seeking help either because it wasn't readily available, it was too difficult to make an appointment, or they didn't even know what recourses were provided. Beyond that, too many struggling students don't even know how severely they need help. Mental illness is such a taboo subject, and one people don't enjoy bringing up in every day conversation. It's hard to find the time and energy to heal yourself when you're bogged down with school work, your social life and overall image on a campus. 

Better Day, Inc. would be an on-campus coffee shop with all your usual goods and services. The only difference is that all packaging would be as I've shown in the images provided. Each coffee cup, coffee bag or other product would have a QR code provided. One could simply enjoy the calming, encouraging message of the design if they wish. It's meant to not be in your face, overwhelming or uncomfortable. But if you use the QR code, you will be taken to the company app, which will provide detailed information regarding your university's mental health recourses. 

From general information on mental health, to links to hotlines and helpful websites, to an extremely comprehensive layout of what your school offers: Better Day, Inc. would have it all. Faculty and staff would be able to sign up for the app, offering their contact information and declaring themselves as having an "open door", which would encourage students to seek out specific professors as mentors and confidants in moments of crisis. Crucial phone numbers and emails would be right there at a student's finger tips.

Never again does a student have to feel alone, lost or unwanted. Better Day Inc. strives to turn the tide of mental health by providing not only beautiful products, but recourses as well. Through these efforts, I would hope to destroy the stigma and bring about better days, one cup of coffee at a time.