Welcome! My name is Sadie and I'm a photographer & designer based out of Seattle, Washington (formerly Nashville, TN). Color, lighting and individuality are my favorite things to capture in all of my work. You are your own rad, unique human and I take a lot of careful consideration into making sure what I create for you reflects that, so you may not see one succinct palette or setting here. Creative portraiture is my jam. I love collage art, abstract design & branding. I'm open to so much & constantly evolving and learning, so don't hesitate to pitch new ideas to me!

I am extremely passionate about mental health and trying to teach anyone and everyone that we are not defined by the internal struggles we deal with. (In fact, 10% of my proceeds are going straight into the AFSP.) I love and tend to exclusively work with individuals that long to inspire those around them positively with their own story. I'm even starting a business centered around just that, so please feel free to shoot me a message if you would like to hang, swap stories and collaborate. 

I'm BEYOND stoked to start working together. Let's bring your vision to life!